About VirgoSix

VirgoSix is a CodeMax Media venture. Our foremost goal is to promote the company brand as a pioneer as a global provider of CRM Solutions. Our technology-driven initiative and customer-focused perception help us not only to reach service standards but also to specialize frequently. We aspire to optimize your business with our expertise and to layout your business with a new reality through our CRM as deemed necessary. Here we believe that we can revolutionize the way business responds, speaks, and can be sustained online.


Why Choose VirgoSix CRM? - Sustaining an optimistic and fruitful Customer Relationship is the perfect approach to achieve a promising path for the business. For start-ups, you also need to manage your businesses for the future – once the cycle begins, you will explore the sequence of your company. To save your resources and provide a revenue-driven business, CRM software plays a major role in start-ups and medium-sized businesses to maintain a growing list of leads and connections.

With the aid of CRM software, your business will be productive, your database will be consistently assembled, your routine tasks automated, and you will get instructive updates while handling your sales volume smoothly – having a CRM system is your best setup. We, VirgoSix can assist you with all your CRM considerations with the most reliable resources accessible.

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