Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking is a module for VirgoSix CRM that you can schedule appointments to your CRM and schedule also from external forms on multiple websites and manage your Appointments with ease, the module is designed for fast creating appointments to ease your communication with your contacts and also you can include staff as attendees, subject, description, date and time and many other features.

appointment crm software

Appointment Booking Module can be connected with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar each separate user will be able to login to his own Google or Outlook calendar and directly manage appointments to both calendars, create, update and delete.

The appointment Booking Module offers users to add request appointment forms to any of your websites and clients can directly ask for an appointment. Appointments can be created with a specific start time and location with the option to include Internal, External Contact, or Lead and also include staff as attendees. The module is flexible with a simple nice-looking design and easy to use. Offers options as External Form can be embedded (added) to any website, Internal, Internal Contact, External Contact, Lead, Email and SMS Notifications, Name, Email, Location, Approve Appointment, Cancel Appointment (Reason), Confirm as Finished and many more other features.

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