How to Get Facebook Leads in VirgoSix CRM Automatically?

October 14, 2020

We all know that Facebook Ad Manager is a monitoring platform designed to create, edit, and analyze commercial Facebook advertising campaigns. Running Campaigns is no longer a challenge, people know about it, and they're doing quite well as they're getting a lot of leads, the key job is to keep maintaining the leads. As users are not updated when they receive a lead, they need to open the Ad Manager to keep track of leads, but don’t worry, we've come up with a splendid solution, which is our plugin in which you can Fetch Facebook leads into CRM.

Our Software plays a vital role in Facebook Leads Integration Module for VirgoSix CRM, which is a module that enables you to sync your Facebook Leads through your page’s forms with VirgoSix Leads.

It uses Facebook oAuth connect to grant access to your Facebook Pages, it allows custom fields to be synced between VirgoSix and Facebook and you can subscribe to multiple pages of yours. With the help of our Plugin, you can Fetch Facebook leads into CRM and each time when you receive a lead you will be notified about it through Quick Email & Push Notifications which can help you to act upon your leads as soon as possible.

After subscribing to our VirgoSix CRM plans, and purchasing Facebook Lead Module, we will install the Facebook lead module into your CRM.

You can find the settings here Setup>Settings>Facebook Leads Integration 

facebook leads integration in crm

Before adding any details here, we need to create an app on Facebook Developer. While creating an account and adding an app, make sure you connect the app with a Facebook business account.

App Dashboard:

Add all the basic information shown below:

Copy the App ID & App Secret from the App Dashboard and paste here:

Add 2 products Facebook Login & Webhooks as shown below:

Facebook Login Setup:
Choose Web

Now go to CRM, there you will find the Callback URL, copy the URL & paste the copied callback URL here


Save and continue the process until next

Webhooks Setup:

Choose Page & Click on Subscribe to this object
Copy the callback URL and token (you can anything in token) from the CRM
Add here and click on Verify & Save (Make sure you add them first in the CRM module)

Find leadgen and click on Subscribe

After the Facebook Login & Webhooks setup, you will need to approve the following permissions:

  • ads_management
  • leads_retrieval
  • pages_manage_ads
  • pages_manage_metadata
  • pages_read_engagement

Follow all the points, explain the use of CRM, upload a screencast/video of your Lead section in CRM.

Now that you are done with the permissions as well, you need to wait until the review is completed. We cannot guarantee your approval of those permissions - neither if your niche-specific-results will be positive - nor the workaround days of the approval request by the Facebook review team. However, we can help you with related advice, if your app is rejected.

Field Settings
While creating Facebook Lead Ad you need to add fields as shown below also the list of fields are mentioned


  • Name = name
  • Address = address
  • Position = title
  • City = city
  • Email Address = email
  • State = state
  • Website = website
  • Country = country
  • Phone = phonenumber
  • Zip = zip
  • Company = company
  • Default language = default_language
  • Description = description

We hope that this was informative. Please feel free to contact us for any questions and also express your valuable reviews with us.

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